Bankruptcy Forms

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Form Description
Form 1

Application for an insolvency practitioner license

Form 2

Application for renewal of an insolvency practitioner license

Form 3

Creditor’s petition

Form 4

Verifying affidavit

Form 5

Proof of debt

Form 6

Statutory demand

Form 7

Application to set aside statutory demand

Form 8

Supporting affidavit

Form 9

Application for bankruptcy trustee/SIO supervisor/NAP supervisor

Form 10

Debtor’s petition

Form 11

Statement of affairs (individual person)

Form 12

Notice of appointment of interim trustee/SIO supervisor/NAP supervisor

Form 13

Bankruptcy order

Form 14

Notice of bankruptcy

Form 15

Trustee’s final statement of receipts and payments

Form 16

Notice to creditors of meeting to remove trustee and to appoint a person to fill the vacancy

Form 17

Proxy form

Form 18

Notice of meeting of creditors

Form 19

Certificate of removal of trustee and appointment of new trustee

Form 20

Certificate of appointment of trustee

Form 21

Notice of resignation of trustee

Form 22

Application to court to resignation by trustee

Form 23

Notice of objection to discharge of bankrupt

Form 24
Application for summary installment order (SIO)
Form 25

Application to object to a summary installment order (SIO)

Form 26

Notice of rejection of claim

Form 27

Trustee’s final statement of receipts and payments (summary administration)

Form 28

Application for no asset procedure (NAP)

Form 29

Notice of admission to the no asset procedure (NAP)

Form 30

Notice of termination from the no asset procedure (NAP)

Form 31

Certificate by public trustee of Kenya of election to administer under part v of the insolvency act, 2015

Form 32

Statement of the company’s financial position

Form 33

Liquidator’s statement of receipts and payments

Form 34

Notice of resignation of liquidator and appointment of new liquidator

Form 35

Notice of appointment of administrator

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