Business Name Search and Reservation

This process of registration is now online and has to be done on the E-Citizen platform.

The Company Registry requires that a name search be conducted and approved before the registration process of any local business. Business name reservations are done online through the e citizen portal.

The Business Name is the simplest business form under which one can operate a business. The Business Name is not a legal entity. It simply refers to a person who owns the business and is personally responsible for its debts.

Before you perform a name search it is important to note the following,

  1. Business with the word "Enterprises" at the end cannot use Initials e.g J.K and Brian Enterprises
  2. Names with the word “Foundation” must be registered as Companies limited by guarantee
  3. Names with “Groups”, "projects" and “Holdings” must be limited. (Ahadi group limited)
  4. Names with “Universities” must be limited. (Ahadi university limited)
  5. Single words are not accepted (Ahadi)
  6. Offensive or abusive words are not allowed either. Offensive words in vernacular (mother tongue) are not allowed either.
  7. Political names e.g (Nairobi youth alliance) are not allowed
  8. Numerics are not allowed not unless its the current year eg (2015)
  9. Names starting with the word “Kenya” are only reserved for the government.
  10. Names with ‘Church’ and ‘Ministry or Ministries’ are not allowed
  11. Names with “Trust”, “Foundation”, Programmes are not allowed
  12. The Registrar of Names does not register clubs
  13. Names with “Relief” are not allowed
  14. Names with “welfare”, Organization, Association, are not allowed.

Steps of application

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