Movable Property Security Rights Act, 2017

AN ACT of Parliament to facilitate the use of movable property as collateral for credit facilities, to establish the office of the Registrar of security rights and to provide for the registration of security rights in movable property and for related purposes

Hire Purchase Act 42 of 1968

An Act of Parliament to make provision for the regulation of certain hirepurchase agreements, and for the licensing of hire-purchase concerns, and for purposes connected therewith

Insolvency Act, 2015

AN ACT of Parliament to amend and consolidate the law relating to the insolvency of natural persons and incorporated and unincorporated bodies; to provide for and to regulate the bankruptcy of natural persons; to provide alternative procedures to bankruptcy that will enable the affairs of insolvent natural persons to be managed for the benefit of their creditors; to provide for the liquidation of incorporated and unincorporated bodies (including ones that may be solvent); to provide as an alternative to liquidation procedures that will enable the affairs of such of those bodies as become insolvent to be administered for the benefit of their creditors; and to provide for related and incidental matters.

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